Google Is Piloting Display Network In Shopping.

Google is testing display network for Shopping Ads. Up until now Shopping Ads were exclusively shown on Search Networks only, but his will change soon. I’ve spotted one on my clients Shopping Campaigns opted into Display Network without me even opting in, Google confirmed to me this account was chosen as a part of a closed pilot program to test Retail Shopping on Display. The plan according to Google,  is to have the shopping ads serve on pages related to the retailing shopping items. Example an article discussing Nike Shoes will have Shopping ads below with the images and prices.

I’m not a huge fan of display in general, it doesn’t convert into sales very well, but Shopping display may actually do great. It’s not a search text ad where curious clickers are clicking to see what’s beneath, but a clear item with price comparisons so a click will be more of a curious potential shopper.


Here’s a screen shot of the Shopping Display Option:



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